If you are thinking about coming to our Carer Support Group and/ or Carer Skills Workshops, or you just want to be added to my Carer e-mail list (blind copy to preserve confidentiality), these testimonials might be helpful. No family should feel alone at any stage of their loved one’s eating disorder, and being part of our Carer Community can really help.

Comments from Carers Who Have Attended the Monthly Carer Support Group and who are on the Carer E-mail List

Comments from Carers Who Have Attended the Kent Workshops Based on the  New Maudsley Approach

 It means so much to my husband & myself that you have put so much work & effort into presenting this workshop with so much information, help, skills & given with fantastic enthusiasm which inspired & gave us hope that we could make a difference.”

“Jenny I don’t know how you have the energy and enthusiasm for helping us like you do but your workshops have held our family together over these past few horrendous months. You have given me the strength, support and practical language to try and get through to my daughter in a positive manner. You have also helped me to accept and to adjust to a long road ahead”

“Thank you for your workshops, I feel inspired to try all we have learnt not just because of the workshop but of the enthusiastic, dynamic & professional way you communicate it to us”

“I want to thank you so much for your brilliant work shop. My partner gave you praise indeed for the professional yet interesting, intelligent clever way the work shop is presented & always thought provoking, which gives us so much support & material to work with, importantly it encourages us to hope”

“My husband and I are overwhelmed with the care & support we receive and the abundant benefits of your workshops. We feel very lucky with all the care from everything you organise”

“It has been a great comfort to have the support of the work shop for both of us. A big thank you for the 200% work & effort you put into the presentation /content, we are definitely the winners”

“You have helped us enormously in terms of increasing our knowledge and giving us confidence to deal with our daughter’s anorexia and the added issue of her ongoing depression. Not least, you have given us the means to communicate with each other; why is it so hard for a married couple to talk about their daughter?  You are an inspirational woman, Jenny”

“Many thanks for all this, Jenny, and also for the great session on Wednesday; knowledge is empowering, and sharing problems is comforting even when we are forced to confront the horror of what has happened to our loved ones. Thank you for giving me the belief that my daughter can recover from her anorexia”

“Just a quick email to thank you for allowing me to gate crash your workshops it was very generous of you. I thought the course was excellent both in content and presentation and I was disappointed I had to miss two. I came away from your workshops thinking that if therapists had this type of training and input regarding eating disorders early in their training what a difference it would make because as amazing as it is there is to the best of my knowledge still, very little time dedicated to this subject whilst training” from a local Counsellor


Comments from Eating Disorder Sufferers Whose Carers Have Undertaken the  New Maudsley Approach

“I felt they (my parents) became “lighter” and “freer” somehow. It gave them comfort that other people face the same issues, the same problems, the same challenges. They were then less stressed around me.” 

“It was like for years they (my parents) were just trapped with me in my illness. They wouldn’t leave me on my own, wouldn’t go on holiday, out to the cinema or anywhere. The whole family just lived through and focused on my eating disorder. It was like we were trapped in a bubble. The book I think gave them scope to look outside the illness in addition to caring; to take time just for them, to do things they enjoyed, to live their lives instead of living everything through me and my illness.”  

 “I feel it really helped and the main thing that helped was her staying calm…it really, really helped…when she stays calm, I sort of stayed calm myself and just got over it”  

“She recognises that I have AN, it’s not just my personality…and it’s the AN she hates… I like that she sees it as separate in one way because it makes me know that she doesn’t hate me”  

“ I think my Mum realised that if my life was going to change, I had to want it to. She left more decisions up to me and gave me extra responsibilities. It was hard not to abuse her trust at times but the guilt and sense of shame I had if I did was unbearable. I think if she hadn’t have “taken a back seat” I would have just stayed stuck for years” 

“I think mainly the confidence thing…before they felt panicked; they didn’t know what to do…so I think the confidence was the biggest one” 

“Her attitude towards me has got a thousand times better”